One of the lessons I have learned from practicing meditation is that life is full of education, parables, allegories, metaphors, and that the lessons I learn largely depend on whether my eyes and my mind are open to the moment.

Consider the Parable of Glitter.  I’ve loved the sight of glitter as long as I can recall. Tubes of it catch my eye when I shop, and I fondly recall the simple crafts of childhood that often involved glitter and glue. (If you have memories of glitter crafts, too, this may be more meaningful for you.)  I woke this morning to a landscape of white.  A very heavy frost, or perhaps as suggested by my partners over coffee, actual snow had accumulated in the night.  I sipped my coffee sitting alone and quiet watching the morning sun slowly heat the deck, a soft mist beginning to rise. I noticed to my great delight that the very air seemed just filled with glitter! Silver bright flecks with sharp edges flashing like twinkle lights densely filled the air, the sky, every space I could see outside the window. I was in awe with childlike amazement – I’ve never seen such a thing as the sky filled with glitter!

I went outside to see it up close, to see it in more detail, perhaps to touch it and ‘make it real’. Standing in what must have been the thick of it, I was surprised and disappointed, frustrated to find it had all but disappeared in all directions. A few sad flakes appearing to linger in the air was the extent of anything to see.

Like choices. From a distance, eyes wide open to the possibilities, there are so many choices in each moment we have. We can alter our reality at any time, simply by making a choice.  Standing in the thick of life, the choices we see available to us are limited – by our vision.

This is not the end of the Parable of Glitter. Later as I walked and thought about choice, meditated on the nature of how our vision limits our perception of choice, I realized that when I was mindful of what was ahead of me along the way, I could see all that glitters, just ahead on my path.

The Parable of Glitter – choice is limited only by vision, and glitter looks amazing in sunshine.