This morning I am enjoying my coffee with cream and sugar, a rare treat. I am relaxing contentedly in this safe quiet place and making room in my heart to wish the world well.


Just morning coffee and a quiet moment.

I listen to the sound of the last freight train to pull past the commuter platform, some distance away on the other side of the park. The track is shared during business hours. The freight trains are much louder. The sound doesn’t trouble me; it is somehow a sound of ‘home’. 

I listen to the rain tapping on my roof, my flue cover, and the windows, and feel the luxury of bare feet, tickled by clean new carpet, before pulling my legs up to sit cross legged on the love seat. I hear the aquarium trickling gently, and watch the fish swim calmly. They drift seemingly without effort, adding to the calm of this lovely morning.

I started this comfortable pleasant morning with a voicemail from my traveling partner; tender loving words are an excellent start to the day. I will, if I am properly adult, finish this one with laundry.  There’s really nothing extraordinary about this morning or this day… It is one of many, worthy of savoring, lingering over the best bits, and wholly enjoying, awake and aware.

It doesn’t require so many words to enjoy a lovely morning, it’s the sharing for which language was built, and continues to thrive… Sharing completed, it’s my choice to invest entirely in having the experience of this lovely morning, and leave you to invest in yours. I hope you have also chosen to have quite a lovely morning…even if there are some verbs involved.

With our choices we change the world.