The alarm woke me. I wasn’t sure what that seriously irritating noise was, initially. I was in motion, uncoordinated and stumbling, before I was quite awake. I remind myself to grab my hiking staff before I leave for work; on the slick pavement I do well to have the additional support. Uncertain footing over rain-slick autumn leaves has been slowing me down.

Uncertainty has been slowing me down. Oh. Right. Yes, actually, it has.

On the other hand, feeling certain is not necessarily of value, on its own. If I embrace a bullshit idea, and bolster it with a feeling of certainty and conviction, my feelings don’t change the character or quality of the idea itself, and my feelings are not enough to make a bullshit idea a great idea, or to convert belief into fact. How I feel about something and the thing about which I have feelings are quite separate, and independent of each other.

a random picture from along the morning commute

a random picture from along the morning commute

I smile and sip my coffee. My thoughts move on.

This morning a steady rain falls. I open a window to listen to the rain. The rain stops. Yesterday that might have peeved me. I never did develop a clear understanding of what was on my mind yesterday, though. It seems to have passed at this point, like a rainstorm in the darkness; unseen, but still affecting me, until it finally passes by without revealing itself.

The rain-fresh air fills the apartment. My coffee tastes good. There are dishes yet to do, and some tidying up before I head to work. There is still time for it, and time to meditate, too. One morning among many… I wonder where this one leads?