Found myself sucked into the news this morning. Put it down, stepped back, walked away; the outrage machinery keeps chugging right along. Headlines are like troll bots, tossing out line after line of objectionable weirdness, engaging nonsense; things that contradict me grab my attention and I want to argue with… with what? With a handful of words that were willfully placed in a prominent way, and specifically selected to be attention-getting without necessarily even being relevant to the content of the article? How do I argue with a headline? lol Too much bullshit, too little time.  I begin the morning again.

I put on music. It’s a lovely morning, so far. Yesterday’s gray rainy skies have given way to cottony dark clouds floating across a pre-dawn sky with some suggestion it may be a sunny day. It’s chilly, like yesterday. I let my consciousness get settled more fully in this moment.

As I sip my coffee and listen to music, my thoughts turn to plans to get out into the trees more this year. I didn’t plan any eclipse camping. Having giving the crowds that are likely some thought, I had to admit that the popularity of the event is enough to discourage me. I get no peace out in the trees if I am surrounded by other campers, their loud conversations, and all of what goes with community. lol That’s what I am out there seeking relief from!

The morning moves on pleasantly enough. This morning being seems more significant than writing… so… I think I’ll go do that. 😉