My coffee is already almost gone. I’ve spent the morning thinking about wildflowers, meadows, oak trees, wild roses, mountain roads, leisurely mornings, and country living. I shopped a while for seeds for native wildflowers, and I shopped for fruit trees. I let my mind wander the land that is becoming so familiar, and considered needful things – for the land, for life, for my heart, for love, and for lovers. There is a future to build.

A hidden path – does it lead to the future?

I’m very much a fan of low-drama living. I sip my cold coffee and contemplate what it takes to plant those seeds, too? What wild flowers easily evoke smiles – but not sneezes? What about scents, but no sticker burrs or unpleasant irritants? Just how much poison oak is on that land? Is that a living metaphor for the toxic creeping elements of drama that seem too easily able to vine into an otherwise delightful experience with some unpleasant wrong note in love’s song?

Winter sunshine, daydreams of summer.

It’s beautiful land. There are oak trees and roses. Manzanita and madrone. Summer grasses and Oregon grape. So lovely. And there’s poison oak and sticker burrs. LOL Like life.

What will a change of perspective reveal?

My coffee is finished like that thought. It’s time to move on with the day. 🙂 It’s time to change the world. 🙂