I turn 50 this year. It seems like one of those things that should be important, somehow, or an opportunity to do something grand. Considering the rather large number of blogs I found themed around, or referencing, turning 50, it seems to be a common notion that doing so is somehow significant.

It is half of 100… and seems like a good place to begin something, so here I am…beginning.

All my life I have heard observations about how much I talk (a lot) and how many words I use (more than necessary). This will be a place to park a few of those many words, to comment on the world, to contemplate who I am, and to work on the communication landmines that regularly wreak havoc on my relationships. (I’m suddenly wondering if it is as common as it seems, to follow the word ‘wreak’ with the word ‘havoc’…does anyone ever ‘wreak delight’?)