I am encouraged by the progress made thus far on moving. My planning has proven to be well-thought out and true to my abilities, limits, and resources. The anxiety eased considerably once the moving crew handling my heavy stuff had come and gone, without using any more than the two hour minimum I had committed to. Far less expensive than last time, and nothing broken or damaged! They even reassembled my bed, saving me considerable effort that would have hit me at the end of a long day.

I enjoyed my coffees here at home, yesterday, and made dinner in my kitchen here, eating it while watching South Park from my hard drive. I slept in my own bed, easily and deeply; a very different experience than those first restless uncomfortable nights at my wee safe haven. It’s hard to be certain what is making this easier… It is, though. So far no tears or tantrums, just muscles working, and contentment. 🙂


A new view from my patio window welcomes me home.

There’s more to be done…