As if I had also planned the weather, I managed to get my moving done without ever being out in the rain. The storms and showers swept past, not quite continuously but definitely frequently these past four days, and somehow, and without any particular effort, every load of household goods was loaded up, then unloaded yet again in actual sunshine. From indoors, again and again I have watched the rain come down while I packed or unpacked another load, making a mindful focused effort to move in just as much as I am moving out.  Again today, showers passed by while I had breakfast with a friend. (There was no way to move the aquarium without help, breakfast turned the experience into straight up fun hang out time.)

After the aquarium was moved, the only thing left was the patio garden, and although it felt daunting to tackle one more thing, the move wasn’t going to finish itself…and it turned out to be only a half hour more work to get the roses and herbs down the hill, and crowded near the front door. My idea to use a garden cart to haul everything around back directly to the new patio didn’t account for the many-days-rain-soaked lawn across which the cart was intent on cutting furrows rather than rolling over it; each pot will be cleaned carefully, soil allowed to drain and dry out a bit, then be carried through the apartment. Over my brand new carpet. Still, with care it won’t be a mess. I can take my time with it, now. I live here.

The fish survived the move. Nothing got broken. I feel as safe and at home here as I did in the one I moved from. The dishwasher is quieter.

I see a crane fly into the marsh on the other side of the meadow outside my window. I am home.


Definitely enough.