Another rainy morning, after another good night of sleep. Another good cup of coffee, watching another dawn unfold contentedly. Another day of moving? Not so much, no; although some amount of moving in remains to be done, the moving out is completed, except for cleaning and vacuuming.

This move has been about self-sufficiency, simplicity, and minimizing emotional and cognitive disruption. I am finding it has been wildly unimaginably successful, rather as if every calorie additional personal effort expended has been directly invested in my continued contentment and comfort. I guess it has. It was a good choice to make, for me. I have lost count of the verbs involved. 🙂

I have found opportunities to balance the needed effort and commitment to the task at hand with day to day good self care, and remained fairly mindful of basics like adequate rest and healthy well timed calories. I even worked things out to minimize time spent in the limbo between places, and mostly avoided angsty weird moments of peculiar loneliness or feelings of displacement. I am feeling accomplished and comfortable, even knowing the first [bigger] rent check is due tomorrow.



Incremental change over time…and I am here, versus somewhere very different in life.  Today is a good day to appreciate progress, and change.