This weekend is planned to be about listening. Well, listening, and catching up with an old friend. I typically don’t listen as well as I could, I think, but as with so many other sorts of things, I suspect practice may help.

I’ll be intent on avoiding some of the massive pitfalls of listening poorly (which is to say, not listening), like…

  1. Waiting to talk (instead of actually listening).
  2. Hijacking the conversation to talk about me (instead of actually listening).
  3. Defending myself or making it ‘all about me’ (instead of actually listening).
  4. Trying to fix things (instead of actually listening).
  5. Making corrections to someone else’s perceptions, emotions, or understanding of themselves (instead of actually  listening).

Listening well, listening deeply – really putting my attention fully into what someone else is saying – isn’t one of those things that is difficult from any practical perspective. It is sometimes not the thing I am actually doing. So – a visiting friend is a choice opportunity to practice listening. 🙂 (Besides, he’s a gifted storyteller, why would I miss out on listening!?)

Every day a new journey.

Every day a new journey.

So… it may be that I write less for a day or two, making room to listen a bit more. I hope you don’t miss me… quite likely there is someone around who might enjoy a bit of listening, as well. 🙂  If we really took time for it… if we listened well and deeply each and every day, in every conversation, would it change the world to be so well heard?