I wasn’t actually going to write this morning, preferring to chill quietly and enjoy my morning coffee in solitude. Then…

This happened.

…this happened.

I literally stopped whatever else I had been doing to watch the sun rise. Worth it. It’s been that sort of weekend… filled with moments. Moments worth savoring. Filled with unexpectedly lovely moments. Filled with delightfully connected moments. Filled with fun moments.

It’s worth just chilling for a few minutes, and considering the moments. How about the moment my dear friend of many years finally arrived on Friday? That was a lovely one. Or the moments over breakfast, catching up on all the mundane things in an adult life that are commonly shared among friends…only…we’ve been separated by geographical distance for many years. There were moments talking over our unique challenges – and laughing over how not-very-unique-at-all they turn out to be. There were sushi moments, and pizza moments. Coffee moments. Moments out on the beautiful drive to the beach. Moments of very hot weather without AC – and moments returning from the beach to discover the weather had become cooler, in our absence.

Then there were those amazing moments of education, encouragement, revelation, commiseration, and deep contented joy, lingering over chocolate, sharing our passion for words, and for writing.

...and moments at the beach.

…and moments to appreciate even smaller details.

So… without intending to, I write, while I also do what I had intended to do – which is to take quiet time just to appreciate moments.

Today is a good day for moments. Carpe momentum. 🙂