I woke up with some effort this morning, after a deep and satisfying night’s sleep. I needed that. 🙂 Sipping my coffee now, noting the effort involved in waking up fully, mind wandering, I find myself already yearning for the weekend – and a chance to sleep very deeply, and also to sleep many hours. That would be lovely. I slept well and deeply last night, once I was able to sleep. lol That, unfortunately, happened quite a bit later into the night than I’d expected. The alarm went off “too soon”.

I yawn and sip my coffee. I notice my work laptop still just sitting off to the side from working a few hours at home yesterday afternoon. I know the likely outcome if I take no immediate action; I’ll find myself arriving at my desk in the office without it, and have to waste 90 minutes on the round trip to go get it and return. No thank you. I slip it into its case, and place the case against the front door. No chance at forgetting it, now.

Yeah, okay. This is a “take care of me” sort of morning, apparently… I need to begin again. lol