I woke with some effort this morning, after an interrupted night’s sleep. The sleep I got was decently restful. I am groggy, and finding it difficult to fully wake up. I’ve been waking sometime between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. for days now. This is something I’ve experienced before. I find myself wondering if there is seasonality to it, or some sort of predictable cycle. I would plan around it, and find a way to benefit from it, if I could. lol

This morning, I’m just groggy, and sort of fighting it, rather inefficiently… what, with being groggy  and all. lol I’ll get past this – I’m not even complaining, really, just noting that it is the condition I face this morning. I’m pleased that I don’t feel so low, as I did yesterday.

I find life seems filled with seasons and cycles. Where they exist, it doesn’t make sense to attempt (first) to defy them, and there are often advantages to understanding our cycles, making use of them, and even following them. I wish I weren’t so groggy this morning; I would likely have more to say about it.

I think I need a restart on the morning. 🙂 I’ll just take this time to begin again… right now. Another coffee, perhaps? Some meditation? Exercise. 🙂