I woke to an aggressively irritating, harsh, grating, repetitive noise that just would not stop… It was hard to move, and my head still feels stuffy half an hour after realizing that was the alarm clock, and finally finding the will to actually shut it off. Beyond groggy.

My fitness tracker notes that I slept deeply, continuously, but for less than 6 hours. Well, okay then. I’ll deal with that later, I’m sure. For now, at the start of the day, waking up matters more.

…I don’t feel like having coffee.

Wait… what? Well… I hope I’m not getting sick or something. Totally not feeling “coffee” today. Yet. It’s okay. I made a cup of tea instead. 😉 It manages to be both not coffee and also quite delicious. 😀

…New beginnings come in a lot of varieties of experience. Tea instead of coffee in the morning. A walk along the waterfront at lunch time instead of working at my desk. Choosing not to go to bed “on time” and dealing with feeling more than a little tired in the morning. lol Choose your adventure.

Those choices we make every day really do matter. We become what we practice.

I yawn over my tea. No “do overs” – just new beginnings. Tonight maybe an early night? lol

I check the time… yep. It’s already time to begin again. 😉