I take a moment in the middle of the work day to pause, look out the window, and take a breathe. Worth doing, and it seems to “freshen up” my thinking and restore my energy. Busy days. I’m okay with that, the pace is not frantic, nor is it rushed beyond what would support real efficiency. I take a careful, skillful, considerate approach to it.

…I’m behind on tons of stuff, in life and in work. This seems a practical and largely, for now, unavoidable reality; I have more to do than I can get done, in any given reasonable measure of time – for now. I’m not even bitching. I’m certainly not beating myself up about expediency, short cuts, choices, or compromises. There is both wisdom and balance to be sought. There is both satisfaction and perspective to be found. I’m okay with all of that.

This is now. Now is enough.

Tomorrow I begin again. 🙂