It’s Veterans Day, and already I’ve got something to be grateful for. The internet, and the helpful reminder that “Veterans Day” has no apostrophe. Useful. 🙂 Not sure how I’d gotten muddled up on that one, but there it is. One quick handy correction (in advance), and here I am, well-prepared for the day’s writing. 😀

You know, though… to take advantage of that knowledge, a couple things were necessary. First, I had to be open to the idea I could be mistaken, incorrect, or flat out wrong about something. Second, I had to be willing to make a change. Third, I had to accept – and recognize – outside expertise, in order to trust knew knowledge. All three things would be required to correct just one tiny error in my thinking or writing (or behavior). These three things are required for new learning. Wow. So much…

…I hear someone honking their car horn outside my house, somewhere close. At first I thought it was maybe my car alarm… nope. It isn’t that. I sure hope it’s not some sort of horrible new commute being set up by a neighbor too inconsiderate to be trusted with such things. :-\ Unpleasant.

Well… my writing has effectively been derailed by my irritation with someone honking their car horn rudely in the wee hours of the morning. I’ve got the day off ahead of me, and a couple items from my to do list waiting for me. I miss my Traveling Partner, although yesterday afternoon flew by feeling very much that he was “right there with me”, as we chatted away the hours together. He’ll be home tomorrow. 🙂

I catch myself sitting here just sipping my coffee and smiling. It’s a good start to a new day. I’m content to call it beginning again. 🙂