How hard is it to be kind? You know… day in and day out, every day? Harder than it sounds, probably, and sure – it no doubt takes practice. Worth it? Well… which do you prefer, yourself? People who are kind to you, who speak gently, who listen with consideration, and who don’t take small shit personally, or… other sorts? 🙂

I sip my coffee and listen to the sound of the occasional car going by, on the street beyond my window. I think about the effort involved in being kind. I think about my own successes and failures at that endeavor – especially these last few weeks. Seems more important than usual, right now, to be kind.

It feels like so long since the world was free to move about the planet… but, for perspective, that freedom is largely a matter of perspective, and privilege, for a lot of people. The people who have it, feel the lack. The people who did not have it, probably less so. I take a moment, and consider that, too. Seems a good morning for considering things…

I’m still working from home. It’s okay. I think I’ve gotten comfortable with it. My studio becomes a tidier, more carefully arranged, work space each week. I like that; creating order from chaos feels very satisfying (to me). I look around the room… my small space within a less small, less mine, space… I don’t generally feel confined here. Perspective for the win.

I finish my coffee, and prepare for a new day.