I woke too early – failed to change the time on my alarm. I woke quite groggy, roused from a pleasant dream that I was sleeping soundly. Which I was. I somehow managed to not notice that the living room lights were actually already on, and didn’t realize my Traveling Partner was awake (just in another room) – we could have shared our morning coffee and a few minutes hanging out. I was on “autopilot”, though, and went efficiently through my usual routine, unaware that he was awake, and unaware I was “ahead of schedule”. He messaged me just as I was arriving at the co-work space to start my day, and we chatted for a few minutes. I made a plan to go home for lunch.

I got my laptop all set up and sat staring at the monitor for some time. I don’t recall what I was thinking about, but I sat quietly in this space just… staring at the monitor. Not really listening to the quiet music playing over the audio system in the background. Not reading the news, or looking at my email… just… sitting here.

“Some time” later – actually about 100 minutes later – my brain booted up and began actually functioning. lol My coffee is more than half gone, so… I was drinking coffee. My mind is more or less a blank on the entire 100 minutes I sat here staring at my monitor. I guess I could count it as “meditation”? LOL Seems my brain wasn’t ready to wake up with the rest of me.

The weekend is almost here… and I’m looking forward to having time to spend in the studio, or helping my Traveling Partner with projects in the shop. This morning, life feels filled with promise. I make a point of sitting with that feeling, and drinking it in along with my coffee, and the bottle of water next to it.

Time to begin again.