I am listening to the rain falling. The fact that it is the sound of rain falling on a video is not relevant; it’s raining outside, too. I just don’t hear it with as much clarity as on a video of rain falling. lol I like the sound. It is one that I find very relaxing, and has the pleasant byproduct of tending to minimize my tinnitus – at least while I am listening to it.

It’s Monday. My first coffee is gone, and I exist in the gap between that and my second cup. I’m set up for work and the day has started, though I’ll shortly step away for a few minutes to drop off my car to be detailed. It’s no longer necessary for me to use my car to haul lumber, parts, and tools for my Traveling Partner’s shop, now that he’s got his truck. Time to get my car back in beautiful cared-for-car shape once again. I’m excited about that. This is probably my favorite vehicle I’ve ever owned, and I like it best when it is clean and well-cared-for.

…funny which things turn out to matter most…

My second cup of coffee is more or less identical to the first. Dawn has become day. There are things to do, and I’ve got a calendar, a list, and a plan. It’s time to begin again. Already. 🙂