I would write more than I will, if I could. It’s been a peculiar day, and more stressful that it had any right to be. Any deep dive of the details I might attempt would only go too far, and say nothing meaningful or of lasting value; I am tired, and I have been through too much today.

Let’s be fair about the day? It wasn’t tragic, just trying. It started well and finished with a cascade of challenges interspersed with a couple of things that were quite nice, and turned out well. The things that went awry weren’t crises of any magnitude – it was all small stuff, unworthy of stress. I simply found myself pulled down, anyway.

The morning was lovely. It’s enough to say that, and linger on the lovely morning, without thinking about the strangely disturbed night’s ‘sleep’ that wasn’t really sleep which preceded it. The morning wiped all that from my consciousness for many hours, and the challenges of the day were simple reminders that I must be vigilant and assertive about taking care of me.

Reset! Let's try again tomorrow.

Reset! Let’s try again tomorrow.

I’m tired now. I’m home and safe. The water in the community is back on – a shower at the end of this hot day will be just the thing. It’s chill time, and there is nothing to fear or to doubt. Tomorrow will unfold on its own merit, as days generally do.