I’m tired tonight. It’s evening, and it’s been some time since I took time for writing in the twilight of the day’s last few minutes. It feels different, and for a moment my fatigue eases. That doesn’t last long. 🙂

A new view.

A new view

I’m tired. New job. New commute. New routine. Less leisure time (by far) – and less time for self-care. Everything is compressed into the few hours that frame the work day. The lost time is my least favorite quality about employment. Still, with some organization, some memory aids, and a commitment to practice, today went better on the self-care side than either of the first two days. 🙂 It’s enough. There’s more time to practice.

Tonight I am a woman of few words, having used those I had earlier in the day. I’m tired. “Brain tired” more than body tired; today I immersed myself in new puzzles, new programs, new processes, new language, new culture, new ideas, new collaborative partnerships, and began the work of building new processes for a new way of doing things. Exhausted doesn’t begin to describe the peculiar limbo in which I find myself cognitively. South Park plays in the background. Tonight it is too intellectual for me. I zone out as I write, one sentence at a time, checking the previous sentences of the paragraph each time. Spelling? Well… that’ll be a best effort, and I’m content with that.

The evening light is fading. I am too. It’ll be an early night tonight, and all the self-care I can gently manage in the time between this moment, and the moment I fall asleep. I need more practice. I suppose, tomorrow, I can begin again. 🙂