I woke up this morning. That’s an excellent start on any new day. 🙂 A good beginning.

Once I woke up, got through the start-of-the-day self-care basics, and made some coffee, I was fortunate to enjoy a few moments replying to correspondence from a friend. There were also some amusing memes and interesting posts on Facebook to enjoy. The weather has changed from “properly winter”, cold and icy, back to something more distinctly Portland, raining and mild. I am entertained watching a raccoon playing a short distance from the patio. My coffee is hot and satisfying.

It could be any morning. That’s pretty nice, actually, and I pause to enjoy the awareness that these gentle quiet mornings are a regular thing here. I used to have a lot of baggage around mornings. Hell… maybe I still do, only I’ve rebuilt mornings in such a way that those issues just don’t come up? I’ll have to ask my Traveling Partner sometime; he’s shared mornings with this human being that I am in many contexts over a handful of years, his perspective would be interesting.

Going in...

Going in…

Work will be busy. Easier to get to without the snow. I smile; it’s a moment of real delight to contemplate the walk over the bridge, and the pause for the view along the Eastbank Esplanade. Better still to enjoy the moment when it comes – but I do enjoy the recollection very much. My mind drifts past the workday, to the walk in the evening twilight as it becomes night, heading for home again.

...and returning home.

…and returning home.

My thoughts turn to love. I smile. My relationships are in good shape. I am surrounded by friends who care. It’s a nice time to be this person that I happen to be, whether by choice or by happenstance. I sit for a time enjoying that, too. It’s a nice morning for enjoying things.

Sure, the world can be scary. Seriously, right now? America? Scary. I could stare into that anxiety-provoking abyss for a good long while, freaking myself out, and destroying my balance and calm, rendering myself less effective, and impeding my ability to think clearly for myself. I could. I’m not, though, not today. Today, I’m just enjoying this pleasant morning. That’s enough. Enough on which to build strength and resolve, and a will to act with care, to make value-based decisions that benefit me, benefit my loves, my community, my world; we’re all in this together. We get there – wherever that is – one choice at a time. Today is a good day to choose to take care of me, in the ways that make me best able to return the favor to the world. 🙂