Weird night last night. I crashed out on time, fell asleep right away… but didn’t sleep well, or deeply, or much at all, waking groggily at the point at which I’d finally fallen deeply asleep, and managing less than 5 hours of restful slumber out of the almost 8 I actually spent in bed, and that 5 hours was sliced up into small naps, moments of rest, and periods of real wakefulness. I don’t feel rested.

I’m already looking forward to the far side of the day; I’d like to sleep. Really sleep. The sort of deep restful sleep that lasts hours. Maybe tonight. šŸ™‚

I pause to appreciate how much worse my sleep issues have been in the past, and to enjoy a moment of gratitude that the week is almost over. I smile thinking about the hours I spent hanging out with my Traveling Partner yesterday, and how much love we share.

I lose my train of thought daydreaming about laying down on my yoga mat for a cat nap. I don’t even realize it until I am distracted by a noise of unknown origin elsewhere in the apartment.

Looks like I’ll do well to spend the day taking the very best care of the woman in the mirror, until she can return to the cozy warmth of bed and blankets and try this sleep thing again. šŸ™‚ Today doing my best will definitely have to be enough. šŸ™‚