This morning I am annoyed by how poorly coffee serves to soften dry irritated regions of my throat. Isn’t it a hot beverage? Isn’t that why I think tea is good for that? So… c’mon Coffee, help me out here?

We get stuck on an idea or belief, and clinging to our favorites isn’t such a harmless thing as choosing coffee when tea would be a better choice in the moment. We really hold on to some wild ideas. We make shit up in our own heads, don’t even verify that it is or is not true, then act on all manner of assumptions we build on that fantastical narrative we’ve crafted. Fairly silly, really.

Take time to question what you “know”. I’m regularly surprised at how commonly things I have embraced with great conviction and certainty turn out to be quite incorrect. Demonstrably, provably, unarguably incorrect. I make a point of questioning things that I feel very certain about, for that reason.

I enjoy a nice comfortable certainty, as much as anyone else. I seriously dislike the confusion and discomfort that come of having certainty toppled unexpectedly, or the drama of discovering too late that my assumptions were not shared, nor realistic. The more often I challenge my sense of certainty, and seek to verify assumptions in some explicit way, the more any lingering sense of certainty may be legit – because I’ve taken time to challenge it. Maybe more than once. 🙂

I finish my coffee. Switch to hot tea. Yep. Hot tea for the win. No idea why, but it is definitely better at softening dry sore throats. Definitely. I’m certain of it. Or… well… maybe it’s only that this is my second hot beverage, and the circumstances simply required more than one? lol Right. It could be that, too. I’m definitely less certain now. No less content. No less appreciative of a hot cup of tea on a chilly morning, hoping to get over this bit of a cold.

It’s a decent morning to be more correct, and less certain. Feeling super certain about things? Take time to test your assumptions, and fact-check your own content. It’s a good way to begin again. 😀