I woke to the sound of rain before the alarm went off. I think, honestly, I just woke up, and it just happened to be raining. It wasn’t the rain that woke me.

…It’s still raining. I’m okay with that. I like rain.

Another busy day ahead. This one like that instant that something teeters over from advancing, to crashing down, or taking off, or in some other way, beginning to head to a necessary, desired, conclusion. A fancy way of saying I’m wrapping up (ish) an important project at work. Inasmuch as the new system will be a feature of every future day, it’s hard to call the project “wrapped up” at any point. lol It just won’t be this frenetic go-go-go-go pace that I’m dealing with right now.

…I’m so tired. Not a huge fan of exhaustion.

Here’s the thing, though; I’ve got choices. I’ve made choices. I’m living the verbs that bring some of those choices to life. So… I can choose differently, or follow through. In this case, I’m following through. lol (And very much looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday.)

I know what’s next, as life sorts itself out heading into the winter holiday season; more broken habits, more restless nights, more human moments, more opportunities to begin again. lol In other words? Living life. I guess I’ll go do that now, and working on doing it more skillfully yesterday. 😉

It’s time to begin again. 😀