I’m sipping coffee and thinking things over. I’m considering ideas other than my own. I’m exploring perspectives outside my day-to-day. Asking questions, considering answers… It’s a worthwhile way to spend some time. Learning.

It’s President’s Day… If that’s your jam, here’s an excellent source of information about presidents, generally. 😀

Maybe you’re feeling more introspective today? Turning inward a bit more? Thinking about how to be the best version of yourself you’re able to be? This is a good one for that kind of day. 😀

I’m just saying, sometimes it’s a good idea to get someone else’s thoughts on a subject, some useful perspective, instead of just ruminating over your own endlessly spiraling unproductive internal drama. I mean, if that’s a thing you do. 😉

…Or… You could just begin again. Seems like a nice day for it. 😀