Another morning. Mostly pretty routine. I slept well – an auspicious beginning. My coffee is good. My bottle of water is cold. The gray skies hang over a fairly mild morning. My pain is well-managed. My heart “feels light”. So far, so good.

I breathe. Exhale. Sip my coffee. Listen to some tunes. Read an article about making shower steamers (which I’m eager to give a try, because they’re relatively costly for the delight they provide me, and seem easy enough to make myself, more affordably).

New day, new beginnings, right? Yesterday ended well, in spite of a relatively irksome commute home in the densest part of the evening rush. I enjoyed a lovely chill evening with my Traveling Partner. Did a couple chores. Ate fast food. Here it is already today… more new beginnings ahead. An entire new day to get things right (or wrong…). I feel the smile on my face deepen. It’s a good start to this particular day.

I lay out the workday. Figure out my plan. Look over my own “to do list” of things for home & hearth, and work those details into my plan for the day. (I thought that would be easier…)

…Almost the weekend…

Already time to begin again. 😀