I’m having my coffee, and it’s a routine enough weekday morning. Cold one. Winter. I woke too early, an hour ahead of my usual time. I woke to the sound of my wakeful Traveling Partner coughing in another room. Not a big deal; I’d planned to work in the city, and an early departure would mean less traffic. So, I got up, dressed, and headed to the office.

I enjoyed an uneventful drive into the city. Since that point, I’ve been just… here. More awake than not. Less interested in being awake than is ideal for a work day. Still hopeful that the rising sun and daylight beyond these windows will, at some point, rouse me from my stupor. There’s work to be done. I’ll get to that momentarily. For now, I’m just trying to properly wake up and shake off this feeling that I could definitely have gone back to bed and slept a few more hours. LOL

…Eventually, the office lights brighten signaling another arrival into the office. Only 08:00? Another early bird… lol

I yawn. Stare out the windows for a moment longer. Breathe. Exhale. Recognize that yes, even this moment will pass. Another sip of my coffee… I wonder what the day will hold? I try to recall whether I have any errands to run on the way home after a medical appointment this afternoon… I think I may actually get to just head on home. I’m still not certain, and I remind myself to ask my Traveling Partner sometime later. Now? Now is just “now”.

I begin again.