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The morning is gentle on my waking consciousness. I’m glad of that. The headache pounding away at my forebrain when I woke has dissipated. I’m glad of that as well. I notice, at the same time I notice my half-finished coffee has fully gone cold, I never opened the blinds (or the window) here in the studio when I opened up the windows to let in the fresh morning breezes. It strikes me as odd, until I also notice my latent noise sensitivity is quite a presence, in fact, and recognize that I had simply not opened the window, to dull the sound of the morning commuter traffic, which I definitely don’t care to hear.

Who am I today? Am I headache-y? Am I well-rested and merry? Am I irritable? I’m not actually certain. I may be all of those things at some point today. Right now, in spite of a leisurely shower, a good yoga sequence, and the fresh forested breezes on a summer morning, I remain rather groggy, somewhat irritable, and annoyed by my stuffy sinuses (which may have been the cause of the headache I’d awakened with). The more I focus on this experience, the more it intensifies, and the more irritable I become. Interesting. Sometimes mindfulness brings uncomfortable experiences into sharper focus.

I breathe. Relax. Pull my posture more comfortably erect as I sit at my desk. My eyes close, and without giving it further thought, my hands rest, quite still, on the edge of my keyboard. I breathe. Relax. My eyes closed. Feeling this space, this moment. My shoulders sink down until they are no longer crammed up against my damned ears. The sound of the traffic blends with my tinnitus. I breathe. Relax. Time passes.

Some time later, some 30 or so minutes, actually, my eyes open. I’m smiling. I needed that moment, I suppose. Just some meditation time, right where I sat, no further fuss or bother. Nothing to disturb me. I feel better than I did. More comfortably aware of the commonplace discomforts that are a thing. I am a mortal creature. This fragile vessel is not always an entirely comfortable thing. lol

The house is nicely cool now. It is sometime past day break. I still have time to water the container garden, do the dishes, make my bed – all the things I like to come home to at the end of the work day. It’s just me, right? So… I gotta do the things. 🙂 That’s pretty much how adulthood works generally; if I want a result, I must do the things. Shopping around for other human beings to do the things on my behalf isn’t nearly as efficient. Partnerships are not a form of indentured servitude, or long-term service, and I’d far rather count on mine for shared experiences I truly cannot have solo in life… sex, shared laughter, intimacy, exchanges of touch and emotion… all stuff I really love, too. How nice to share it! Not to imply that reciprocity with the housekeeping and whatnot isn’t valued – in my relationships it is both valued and required. Everybody eats? Drinks water, coffee, tea, whatever? Everybody showers? Sits on the furniture? Then everyone works to keep the place nice. It’s sort of obvious and non-negotiable. 😀

It’s still early. A good time to begin on the housekeeping. A good time to begin again, living and being, and becoming the person I most want to be.

Jury Duty today. Short morning. Doing my civic duty to be part of American justice is okay with me, though I’ve only ever been picked for a jury once, and that was Grand Jury. For some reason, I get eliminated for regular juries all the time over something or another. Sometimes because I’m an anarchist. Other times because I’m 100% comfortable that jury nullification is a thing. Other times because the reading material I brought with me for hanging out and waiting made some attorney or another less than ideally comfortable. Once because I’d simply seen and heard too much on media about the case being heard. Once or twice because I was a woman, though it wasn’t explicitly stated quite that way.

Jury duty is crazy important. Some citizen – the victim, generally – seeking justice for some wrong, another citizen – most often the accused – very much hoping to be understood as not being the person committing that wrong, or even perhaps hopeful that a “jury of peers” will understand no actual wrong was committed. It’s all very complicated and requires each citizen level up and do their very best. I have doubts that everyone understands it this way, but always hope that if I am ever a citizen in need of a jury, that the citizens on it will take it all very seriously indeed.

So, I’m sipping my coffee and watching the Internet go by. Listening to the new Whiz Khalifa track. I follow it with some Snoop Dogg.  I charge up my Kindle. I load a great playlist for the day. I have to leave the house earlier than usual, and I keep my eye on the time.

Ready? It’s time to Wednesday! 🙂