Ouch. I woke to the alarm after a strangely interrupted and unsatisfying night’s sleep, and somehow, for some reason, as I rolled over and put my feet on the floor, I continued in that general direction and managed to… sort of… well, I rather clumsily pitched forward and wacked my head on the wall. At this point, it’s mostly amusing and odd. It was, initially, painful and aggravating. What the hell?

I stood far longer in the shower than I generally do, and the feeling that I am not quite awake persists even now. It wasn’t that I went to bed especially late (or early) or did anything unusual in the evening that might have messed with my sleep. My sleep tracker suggests I woke long enough to register my wakefulness 6 times during the night. I recall 3 of those. The last detected moment of restlessness was around 4 am, and when the alarm woke me at 5  am I was deeply asleep – so that’ll be the thing, then. I’d have done well to just get up that last time instead of coaxing myself back to sleep. lol Wish I’d have thought to – on the other hand, sleeping feels so good… 🙂 This morning I am relying on my coffee to ease me into being really awake.  I’ll get there, I know I will.

This morning isn’t the easy morning yesterday was. I’ve now managed to poke myself in the eye with a tissue, and spill coffee in my lap. I’ve dropped a spoonful of oatmeal onto my shirt. (I’ve basically gotten dressed three times now.) Yep – a good day to practice being kind to myself. Yeah… I think I can manage that one without causing myself an injury. lol

I’m so very human. You, too? Yeah. There are some days that rate a “do over” more than others, and it’s rare to get that chance. Instead, in my frustration, I imagine myself a small cork bobbing along in a vast ocean. For a moment, it seems there is nothing much to do about the state of things besides “going with it”, and sometimes just relaxing and being with the moment really is an excellent starting point. Eventually, I’ll feel more awake, more capable, and become more fish than cork in life’s ocean of choices. For now… I sip my coffee, quite carefully.

Taking time, making room for this moment, now.

Taking time, making room for this moment, now.

Today is a good day to practice mindfulness. Today is a good day to slow things down to a speed appropriate to my awareness, and catch up at my own pace. Today is a good day to remember we are each having our own experience, and make time for kindness; we could all use a little more of that. 🙂