It can be a scary world these days – sometimes that’s very real. Other times it’s more a byproduct of our search and surf choices online creating a tidy reflective bubble of talking heads and advertising that continuously reinforces our existing thinking, without exposing us to new information. Step away from the bubble once in a while – it’s healthy to be uncomfortable now and then, to try new things, even to think new thoughts. 🙂

Be aware of the bubble. Consider the bubble. Break the bubble. (You’ll thank yourself later.)

Today is a good day to see the world through new eyes. Today is a good day to taste a different flavor of ice cream, to try an unusual sandwich, to take a detour on the way to somewhere. Today is a good day to start a conversation with a stranger, and to listen deeply to what they have to say. Today is a good day to live well, to live wisely, to live actively, and to be part of the world.