Seriously. Feeling overwhelmed? Weighed down? A little “lost”? Take some time. No kidding. Take some time to “listen to yourself think”, and also to really feel heard – by that person in the mirror who is feeling so many feelings. We seem to keep so little for ourselves of this one precious resource – our time.

I needed some time. I took some time. I hope I always make a point to do so when I need it.

The weekend was strangely energetic, considering the heat of summer. I managed, I hope, to also actually relax a bit, and get some of the restorative downtime weekends are expected to offer. I’m tired this morning, though. I arrived home much later than a typical Sunday, after a drive that was strangely lacking in any noteworthy characteristics at all, aside from getting started well after 5pm, and being very (very) congested – but not particularly unpleasant. I just got home late, and sort of buzzing from too much caffeine. Sleep did not come easily. The alarm clock went off too soon…

…This is looking like a busy week, ahead.

I slurp down the last of my coffee, ready myself for the work day, and wonder for just a moment… How is it already time to begin again?? 😉