I know. I’ve asked before. Apparently, as a titular rhetorical question, I’ve asked it four previous times. Score one for repetition. lol

…Seriously, though, what matters most? I mean, to  you, in life, generally… what matters most? Does every step of your journey in life reflect those values? Are you making your choices based on what you, yourself, find matters most?

Here’s a weird thing that is a paradoxically easy win; your actions do reflect your values. Win and good, right? 😀 Well, before we all get to eager to embrace that lovely easy win, here’s the sticky bit; your actions reflect your actual values, not your stated values. If you say you dislike drama, but you constantly start shit, or invite drama, or complicate moments needlessly with assumption-making, projection, and negativity… clearly you value drama, regardless what you’ve said about it. :-\ Well… damn.

So. What matters most, to you, in life, generally… for real, based on your choices and your actions? Think that over.

How do you want to live? Are your choices taking you there? Do you envision a beautifully orderly, tidy, clean home, but live mired in chaos and filth? There are choices involved there; changing your choices, changes your environment. Do you envision a life of prosperity, comfort, and material convenience, but live paycheck to paycheck, feast or famine, living large in times of plenty, and wondering if the power will get cut off when things run a little lean? There are choices involved there too, and no, circumstance alone doesn’t cover “how you got there” or what is keeping you down (it’s actually even a fairly small part); you have choices regarding how you use resources in times of plenty that would certainly change how rough those leaner times feel. I’m just saying; we are each making choices, and our choices reflect our actual underlying values, far more than any words we say about the values we claim to hold.

So… what matters most?

What’s making you miserable? What are you doing to change that?

What’s holding you back? What are you doing to change that?

What’s frustrating you? What are you doing to change that?

Choices. Verbs. Actions. All yours – and the menu of available options is of necessity far more vast than can be easily taken in at a glance. Think it over. Consider the consequences of actions you might consider taking. Consider the actions you have taken, and the outcome you got. Put things in a larger context. Consider the impact on others. Look at a bigger picture. Gain perspective through contemplation and awareness.

Spend some quality time with your thoughts, non-judgmentally, practicing non-attachment, and wholly open to the possibility that the choices you have been making are part of what you are struggling with (the outcome of) right now. What could you choose differently? (The answer to this is rarely “nothing”, and it’s unlikely to be “nothing” right now.)

What matters most (to you)? What are you going to do about it?

It’s time to begin again.