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It’s funny, isn’t it, that things change so much in such a short time, and often in such unexpected ways. Sometimes subtle, sometimes quite obvious, sometimes in unimaginably pleasant ways, sometimes less so – change is

I smile and sip my coffee. This morning it is exceptionally good. I feel well-rested, content, and calm. The morning begins well. I enjoy this feeling, savoring it, lingering with it, not asking it to be anything more than what it is. Grateful for it, and appreciative.

Some lovely fun hours in the company of dear friends, and my Traveling Partner, were a nice addition to the weekend. I am still enjoying those recollections, too. I think about all the many small commitments to mutual support, and shared experience, that make up these relationships – as much about “family” and community, as they are about friendship. Our relationships are so much of who we are. Almost a “living mirror”, in a sense; we see reflected back what we are able to deliver, ourselves. It’s a lot of work to maintain a low-drama experience in the context of our relationships, sometimes, but it is possible. I smile and think about that for a few minutes more. How do we share the best of who we are with the people most dear to us? How do we encourage them to do the same?

I glance at the time. It’s an ordinary enough work day, and I’ve commitments aside from those to family, community, home, and hearth. There’s also the work thing, and it’s already time to begin again. lol

…Are you ready for a new day? What will you do with it? 🙂

In just a few more minutes 2014 will end in my time zone, and a new year will begin. Sometime tomorrow, I’ll take some time for myself and think about what 2014 taught me, and what new understanding of myself I can carry forward to improve the quality of my experience. I’ll take time to consider how I can best take care of me, and to continue to develop a helpful level of emotional self-sufficiency – and what experiences in 2014 tended to make those goals harder to reach, or felt like a step back; I’ll take some other direction in the year to come.

I generally celebrate New Year’s Day by taking time to consider the year ahead, and what I want out of my time, and my limited mortal life force, that seems more worth having that other things. I consider how far I’ve come, where I want to be when the new year ends, and what may tend to take me in that direction on the journey ahead. It’s a fairly private thing, and I’m not the sort to make ‘resolutions’…though I do take the opportunity to recommit my will and intent to the things that new perspective indicate matter most to me now, or have the greatest likelihood of meeting my needs over time. Sometimes I make lists. I write. Sometimes I paint. I meditate – at least, I do these days.

This year I am also hoping for the time (and courage?) to start on my own Life In Weeks chart…a project that excites me, and causes me some small about of vague dread; what might I learn about my life, that I haven’t observed in such broad context? It’s an interesting project for a number of reasons, and I am eager to begin it.

So here we are… 11:57 pm. One year ends, another begins – and it’s really all rather arbitrary anyway; we made the whole thing up. The good news? Since we made it up, we can easily make it so much better. Happy New Year!

The warm glow of the hearth, and the last quiet moments of the year.

The warm glow of the hearth, and the last quiet moments of the year.