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So human. Of course. It’s bound to happen now and then. I think I’ve got a head cold. :-\

I’m doing my best to take care of myself. I crashed ludicrously early yesterday – couldn’t actually stay awake. My head was already stuffy. My body had started to ache all over. I gave up and went to bed. I woke once during the night – shortly after 1 am? I remember drinking cold water, thirsty, feeling sort of “dried out”, standing in the puddle of light from the open door to the refrigerator. I went back to bed. It was hard to wake when the alarm went off, and even half an hour later, I feel sort of clumsy and uncomfortable in my skin.

I’d hoped it was “allergies” (which I don’t actually have) but… no. Head cold. I can’t tell if I feel better, at all, this morning, or not. I sip iced coffee and iced water, in alternation. I don’t notice any particular difference, this morning. Cold is cold. One tastes a bit like… bitter garden soil. LOL I don’t really care about that, and just keep sipping one, then the other.

I’m not really complaining… head colds happen. Human beings can be fairly gross, and a lot of them don’t wash their damned hands, or cover their sneezes and coughs. I work in a call center-ish environment, one with an “open office” floor plan. Contagion spreads quickly, and there’s nearly always someone walking around sick. So, I work on self-care, and getting well, soon. There’s not much else to do about it, other than avoid spreading it around.

I finish my coffee, and my morning routines. I try to “get my head right” for the day ahead, and let go of wishing I were “just okay, for fuck’s sake” – since that does nothing to actually help. Another day ahead, full of potential. Time to get started on enjoying that as much as I am able to do so, today. 🙂

Sometime shortly before bed I noticed the tickle in my throat. All night long, my snoring woke me repeatedly, and the tickle quickly became a sore throat once tender tissues had dried out, due to breathing with my mouth open. I got up again and again. Another drink of water. Had to pee again. Just couldn’t seem to maintain sleep. I finally just got up, around 2:30 am, and made a cup of soothing chamomile tea, and sipped on that until my painful sore throat wasn’t so painful and sore, and I could swallow with relative ease. I went back to bed and slept deeply for an hour.

My coffee sucks this morning. I taste only the bitterness of the brew. The hot liquid is soothing on my throat, though. I continue to choke it down; I definitely do not need the headache that would result from not having my morning coffee! I’m tired and a little dizzy, fuzzy-headed, and more interested in going back to bed than going in to work. I check my temperature. During the night it was 100 degrees. This morning it is normal. That’s something, anyway. I take stock of physical sensations, and wonder if the mild dizziness is the Benadryl? It easily could be. It could easily be the poor quality of my sleep, too. Either way, something to be aware of.

I’m annoyed to be feeling poorly. I am hopeful it will clear up quickly, as the last little bout with some unidentified ick did. I have things to do, and don’t care to be thrown off by illness… but… That’s not how these things work, is it? 🙂

I step up my self-care, and look for things I can do for myself to be more comfortable during the busy day ahead. It’ll be a weird day for it. Minutes ago I was chilly, and turned up the heat. It hasn’t even warmed up by one degree, yet, and already I am now feeling overly warm. My head aches, but it’s that viral sort of headache that often goes with a cold, and I have done what I could for that. I tuck a couple packets of instant chicken soup into my hand bag along with some tea I like when I’m sick.

I look over my “to do list”. There’s really nothing that can’t wait a day or two until I am feeling more myself, other than routine basics like dishes and taking out the trash. I plan ahead, perhaps a couple of early nights, lacking any stress, will be sufficient to get me over the worst of whatever this is?

I start this particular day looking forward, very much, to its end. lol I’ll begin again tomorrow… 😉