Remember that one practice that really supported your wellness and helped you make so many changes? Yeahhhhhh… I sure do. 🙂 Practices need continued practicing to remain effective. I’m just saying; being human, the whole “make an effort” thing sometimes loses its appeal, or I fall behind on some simple practice, or I just stop… like… using verbs at all. LOL So human.

I’m sipping my coffee thinking about the time change, and reflecting on self-care, effort, practices, and the requirement to maintain both effort and a studious approach to my self-care for the best possible outcomes. 🙂 I could do better. I mean, generally that’s likely to be true for nearly everyone, all the time, in some way – but in this instance, I’m just being super clear with myself that I can do better to support myself, my emotional wellness, and to improve on the way I treat others. It’s even important to me that I do. So.

…Sounds like an imminent new beginning, again. LOL One of many.

The rain brought the level of the creek way up above it’s banks, spreading wide across the low areas. It didn’t flood our property, by a convenience of placement of boundaries. I watched it rise. I haven’t yet looked to see how far it may have receded. The rain stopped during the night. The morning is sunny at moments, and mild. I doubt it will last; this is the season of rain, hereabouts. I like it much better than fire season.

Good coffee this morning… I smile again thinking about the handle tool my Traveling Partner made, for scraping down the sides of the bin of the burr grinder. So convenient. Better coffee. 🙂 Thinking of him, I suddenly miss his presence; he’s only in the other room.

…Now I definitely want to begin again. 😀