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…And… Last night was nothing like a good night’s sleep, at all. No kidding. I “woke up” groggy, too, to the infernal ceaseless beeping of my alarm clock. I snarled a silent “good morning” at that thing, and with a single swat to silence it, I got up, and got started on a new day.

…So tired. So groggy. At least it is a Friday. That’s something. 🙂

My coffee tastes good this morning, luxurious with a splash of half-n-half in it. That’s also something. 🙂

One thing at a time, I begin to assemble a morning, that can become a day. I am starting with the things that are enough. Sufficiency is a more comfortable place that striving, grasping, and reaching ever farther for something more. Having, being, or doing “enough” is, quite literally, enough. lol

I continue to sip my coffee, half-amusing myself (and half quite seriously) by considering whether program management software (like Jira) would be a good choice to manage projects at home… lol It’s just that there is so much to do in life, and I’m constantly forgetting in one moment a project or consideration that seems “more important” long-term… and wouldn’t it be easier for two people to plan together when the planning is right there, where it can be easily reviewed? I don’t know… this coffee, right here, seems far more practical in this moment.

I glance at the time. How is it already time to head to work? I yawn. Finish my coffee… and begin again. 🙂

Beginnings add up. I begin again on the regular. lol I know a thing or two about new beginnings. One thing I know about beginnings is that they are each also steps on a longer journey. 🙂

You know what else I know about beginnings? Sometimes, they’re just mornings. Sometimes I am sluggish in the morning. Sometimes the coffee is just a coffee, and the moment just a moment. That’s okay, too. Human experiences have a lot of variety to offer.

The morning ahead “feels busy” and it’s barely started. The competent techno I ended up listening to is just engaging enough that I didn’t shut it off, but only engaging enough to amount to acceptable background music; pleasant, and not distracting. It seems a comfortable fit for a morning that will become a day, that I am still to groggy to contemplate. I need more sleep… or to sleep in. I’m not sure which. Doesn’t matter. The weekend was fatiguing, and I’m paying for it now. That is generally the rule; we’ve got to pay for our thrills. No fair fighting it. So, I’m tired. It’s not really “a thing”. I’ve learned so much about good self-care. I’ve got this.

Today I’ll do the work thing and handle some non-negotiable time-sensitive tasks and errands. Adulthood demands my attention. 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ll see about getting the car serviced. There’s housework to do. The frequent travel screws with my routine, but I do miss my Traveling Partner so much that it is very hard to stay home. I contemplate that puzzle, and remind myself there is an underlying plan with a much longer arc in time, and some handful of years from now, or maybe sooner, we may be living quite differently. No knowing how the future really plays out, though. 🙂

My mind wanders. The techno plays on. It’s time to begin again. 😉