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I overslept my alarm this morning – or didn’t set it. It doesn’t much matter which; I needed the rest. My particular preference for leisurely mornings built around waking up early and taking my time serve me well here – I still have time to be leisurely. πŸ™‚

Coffee is almost ready…

Like moments, the cup of coffee that matters most is the one in front of me now. :-)

Like moments, the cup of coffee that matters most is the one in front of me now. πŸ™‚

It does mean there is less time for writing, this morning, and this, as a result, means I won’t be taking time to write about the phone call last evening that drove my stress level through the roof for some short time, and disrupted the early hours of my sleep enough that when deep sleep finally did overtake me, my brain and body were willing to disregard the strident wake-up call of my alarm clock in preference for another hour of sleep. That’s okay – I allow for that, simply by making my routine to start my morning so early. There’s just no rush, even this morning. I have time.

Approaching my time management from the perspective that ‘taking my time’Β can be done my way – I mean, it is my time, after all – definitely eases the day-to-day stress resulting from small things like ‘being late’. I rarely am. (Unfortunately, when I am, I am at grave risk of serious emotional overload. Yep; being late is a trigger for me. I carry around major baggage about time. How suck is that?? it’s not like time itself is escapable.) Starting the morning with some small measure of leisure allows me to begin each day with less stress associated with time and timing – this is huge for me, as an individual. Your baggage is likely in different life areas, of course…how much simpler if we all shared an identical experience? We’d totally ‘get each other’ more easily…right? (I am doubtful…I seem to depend on a sense of individual identity, and personal autonomy, myself…being human, I would bet you also do.) Identical sameness might be dull, though… and it would be difficult to learn some of life’s valuable lessons, perhaps. I’ve wandered off course, here… Weren’t we talking about time?

It’s morning, just that, and no cause to rush. I sip my coffee and enjoy some moments connecting with my traveling partner, chatting and catching up. It is a work day for us both, and we talk over practical matters: budget details, calendars, what we’re doing this week, next week…planning; the practical matters of the logistics of life are also part of love and loving. I may not find it an easy fit to live with other people 24/7 – but I appreciate, value, and enjoy a good partnership with an adult who shares my values and is an equal. I start the day feeling supported, warmed by affection and good-natured regard. It’s tricky sometimes, but I am also learning to feel those feelings within the relationship I have with myself, day-to-day; a more important detail than I understood it could be, as little as a year ago. Taking time to grow matters, too.

If you don’t like where you are in life, right now, please go somewhere different. You have so much power to choose. Seriously. Yes, of course, there are verbs involved, and emotions to experience, and it isn’t always easy, or pretty, or fun – and yes, sometimes things can seem pretty suck as you go along. Incremental change over time is a thing, though, and it is powerful. What are you practicing? Will it take you farther down the path you choose? Will the outcome of your decisions and your actions be contentment, and perhaps happiness – or are you choosing some other goal, or wandering around with your eyes closed? I’m not judging – I’m just saying. Choice is powerful. Practice is powerful. Taking your time with change is powerful – and all of it is power that rests in your own hands, your own heart… are you ready to slow down, take the time you need, and grab a verb? πŸ™‚

Tomorrow – or perhaps tonight – I will share the Parable of the Small Boy Waiting, and the story of a phone call. There’s time for that. Time isn’t infinite…but I’ve got right now. Today is a good day to be here, to be engaged, to be present in the moment. I’m okay right now.

I am almost eager for dawn to come, for the clock to tick around to that particular moment when I head out the door for work. It is a rare feeling for me. I enjoy it, and I don’t question or doubt it. It is simply a feeling, and a pleasant one.

My fears that I would again find myself utterly unable to manage balance and fulfillment in the 4.5 hours left to me outside the workday Monday through Friday (once sleep and hygiene are accounted for) have proved to be unfounded – at least so far. Yes, time is precious and limited during the week, but somehow the weekend was vast and satisfying, and I met needs I’ve had for sometime and had struggled to fulfill, even between jobs. Time is non-negotiable and does not take any shit off of me, for sure. I am learning to enjoy moments, without clocks, and time seems to slow down for me when I do.

This weekend was made up of relaxed mornings meditating, doing yoga, writing, and reading. Time to study, and time to dream, even time to do seemed plentiful this weekend. I feel rested, and because I didn’t feel run down and emotionally drained at the end of the week, just tired, I didn’t have to work so hard to recharge. A solidly good weekend makes an exceptional jumping off point for another week of work.

I wonder if my new understanding that I am not obligated to do any particular job, or for any particular employer, also contributes to the lack of that other feeling I have for so long associated with employment… obligation pushed to the point of feeling trapped and resentful. It’s very nice not feeling that. Feeling trapped into employment resulted in work feeling more like indentured servitude as I scrambled to cover bills, struggled to get to ahead, and found myself making choices to go without some small thing or another, and having to prioritize the needs of an employer over the needs of my own heart and soul. Too ‘lefty’ and ‘soft’ for you? That’s okay with me – you go ahead and choose differently for yourself. πŸ˜‰ Β I find myself content and comfortable with putting myself at the top of my To Do list.

No pictures today. The commute certainly offers up occasional photo-worthy moments, and I carry my camera with me nearly everywhere…the last few days I haven’t used it much. I’m still getting the timing on my commute down, still feeling a tad self-conscious about missing a connection. I get two shorter walks, a ride on the light rail, and a ride on the not-so-light rail, amounting to a commute of about an hour – not much longer than the previous commute, but considerably more dependent on good timing for success. Soon though…I’ve been playing with settings and lighting and taking time to get more skilled with my little camera.

Life feels pretty good. I smiled as I headed into town for my appointment with my therapist yesterday with a smile on my face. Somehow, I still ended up in tears in his office. How the fuck are there still so many tears to cry?! It’s strange crying in front of him – he doesn’t make the same faces other men do, who have seen me in tears. Why is that, I suddenly wonder? And why has it not occurred to me to wonder before? He and I simply continue to talk, my face leaking mostly goes unnoticed. I wouldn’t mind figuring that out with other men in my life, too. The tears are largely pretty inconsequential, putting an important emotional conversation on hold over them is a big distraction. lol

So, here we all are… a few words, an imminent dawn, a Tuesday morning. The new routine slowly develops around new choices, ongoing needs, hopes, dreams, projects… I’m working on a manuscript, it’s enough to say that, I think. No plot spoilers from me. lol. Then there’s clay, and there are images, and there is paint, pen & ink, life and love, a few chores to do between the fun bits… It may be some weeks before I iron out the details and find myself easily writing every day, again, at least here. I’m writing a lot, reading more than I have in years (turns out that a Kindle is a great choice of gift for me). Life has flow and balance and joy… and coffee. πŸ™‚

Today…I am, and for the moment it is enough.