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I woke too early, in the sense that I didn’t need to be awake at all. I got up anyway, after a fairly half-assed attempt to go back to sleep. I’ve now been up for 3 quiet leisurely early morning hours, relaxing, sipping coffee, watching the sunrise, listening to birdsong. Oh… and I also paid bills, took a look at upcoming weeks’ finances and budget details, painted my toenails, did the dishes, but mostly I’ve just been enjoying this slow quiet morning.

Why would my “Saturday” feel any more leisurely now that it is a Friday? No idea… It could be because my Traveling Partner’s car is sitting in my parking space, readily available should I choose to go somewhere… which means… convenience. I’m free from planning everything around the longer time needed to every damned thing by bus, because… car. He’s right; I’ve reached that point at which use of public transportation by preference has begun to have clearly diminishing returns, and like it or not I’ll need to account for that as I age. How irksome that this is also a time in life of gradually declining reaction time. LOL I’ve little interest in added expense, either. We’ve discussed me taking his current vehicle, though, on a permanent basis; he doesn’t need two vehicles, but does need a different one than he’s got. His car doesn’t actually “suit me” in any particular way, and it’s not at all what I’d choose for myself, either aesthetically or from a practical perspective… but… “sufficiency” really is an important value for me, personally, and his car would certainly be “enough”. So… that’s probably what the future looks like, at least for now, and it’s a good car with many miles left on it.

Funny that a car in a parking space, ready if I need it, is enough to make for such a relaxing morning. I didn’t expect it to. I am content to enjoy the moment (and the morning) as it is.

I’m sipping on my second coffee – only my second? – Enjoying the slow pace of the morning. The geese wander up to the patio as the morning sun begins to dry the dewy grass. For now it still sparkles with glittery drops. A red-wing blackbird perches on the feeder, loudly announcing breakfast. His friends join him. I hear the steady progress of humanity commuting to work in the distance but even with the patio door wide open, what is most noticeable this morning is birdsong. It’s still much too early to bother with going anywhere; it’s not yet 7 am, and nothing will be open for business quite yet, besides grocers and hardware stores. I’m okay with that. I’d hate to rush this gentle sweet moment. 🙂

Begin again? Nah, not this morning. From this perspective, I’m okay here, right now. 🙂

Morning comes. I’ve not experience one morning yet that hasn’t arrived precisely on time. Each new day is exactly that, new. We can begin again – every morning, if we need to.

One new day, approximately infinite possibilities.

One new day, approximately infinite possibilities.

The smallest of my choices still matter, if not to the outcome of my circumstances, then at least telling of who I am. I think that over for a moment; even if the choice I make, action I take, or words I express don’t actually appear to change what’s going on around me, they are a reflection of who I am. I take time to consider who I want most to be, what my values truly are, and how I can best express them.

What matters most?

What matters most?

Last night as I opened the patio door to cool evening air, and closed the screen door, I noticed a young praying mantis hanging from the inside of the screen, about to be trapped inside. I gently coaxed her onto my hand and slowly carried her outside. I did my best to be quite gentle and move slowly to avoid stressing her out more than necessary. Initially, she sought escape, then held very still, watching me from my hand. I placed her with great care in the taller roses in the patio garden – plenty to eat, and seeming relatively safe, I took her picture while she continued to watch me. I looked for her this morning, but she had gone, or had hidden herself too well for my pre-coffee eyes.

It doesn’t matter much at all what I say about how I feel about life. (You either) Words are words. It is our actions that reflect our values. Our rhetoric is meaningless next to our vote. Our keywords are  not relevant to our choices. The books we read are not the human beings we are. We become what we practice. There are verbs involved.

Every day, I can begin again. 🙂